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    Yurun Real Estate

    Inherit the quality of Yurun, and construct competitive real estate products. Yurun has always persisted in the strategic orientation of “high quality, high standard, and high grade”, creatively brought forward the “dual five-star” standard --- five-star architectural quality and five-star butler service, constantly launched high-end real estate projects, and created competitive products worthy of being treasured up and handed down to future generations.

    Yurun Real Estate has formed three product systems, namely, exquisite urban residence, tourism real estate, and commercial real estate.

    “Silver Rain Mansion” is an exquisite urban residence chain brand developed by Yurun with all its attention. This project is designed by international top-ranking designers, constructed with the building materials of famous international brands, and introduces five-star hotel property management service. The project can be found in Nanjing, Xi’an, Qingdao, Changchun, Shenyang, Weihai, Huai’an, Changzhou, Tongling, and Daye, and has obtained multiple special honors like “China Best Garden Residence”.

    Yurun ? Water Vision, as a representative work of tourism real estates, is located inside the Yurun Huangshan International Tourist Resort, and arranged in the shape “S” by complying with the ups and downs of sloping fields and the winding of roads, maximizing the visual angle of landscapes, and enabling the overall appreciation of the endless beautiful sceneries ornamented by winding greens, upstanding pinewood, and a lake inside the resort.

    The Yurun International Plaza is a classical work of commercial real estate. Each project is located at the dual core areas of CBD and CLD in each city, and it is a new landmark living up to its name in each city.

    Ha Er Bin-Yurun Real Estate

    Harbin – Shangjin Huafu
    The noble residential area South Pole International Shangjin Huafu, covering an area of 530,000m2, appears as a chief commerce-residence compound block in the inner ring of the city, so it is deemed to be uncommon. This project is 10 minutes by car distance from the solid traffic road network, close to the Cigarette Factory Station of Metro, and has more than 20 public traffic lines passing by. Obviously, the traffic here is really very convenient.

    Bai Shan-Yurun Real Estate

    Baishan – Golden Seashore
    The project is located at the Baishan Economic Development Zone, the south side of 201# National Highway, the north side of Changbaishan Street, in the west of Banshi River, and on both sides of Qiming Road. It covers a floor space of around 318,000m2 and a total building area of around 580,000m2, requires a total investment of around RMB1 billion, consists of up to 3,200 households, and has a green ratio of 40%.

    Chang Chun-Yurun Real Estate

    Changchun – Silver Rain Mansion
    Located at the Economic Development Zone, Changjiang Road, Kuancheng District, Changchun, the project is developed by two stages on land parcels A and B with a gross investment of RMB2.35 billion. Wherein, the land parcel A is on the north side, and close to the North Around-City Expressway. The project covers a total floor space of 264,000m2 and a total building area of 653,000m2, and has a building density of 23% and a green ratio of 35%. It is completely constructed into 27-floor buildings, giving priority to residence, and equipped with commerce, a club, and a kindergarten.

    Tie Ling-Yurun Real Estate

    Tieling – Kaiyuan Yurun International Plaza
    The Kaiyuan Yurun International Plaza Complex project, as a key merchant invitation project of this city, is located at the northeast part of Tieling City, Liaoning Province, and on the east side of the middle stream of Liao River. It borders on Tieling County in the south, and is adjacent to Xifeng County and Qingyuan Man Nationality Autonomous County in the east, contiguous to Faku and Changtu Counties in the west, and neighbor to Lishu County of Jilin Province in the north. Planned to cover a total floor space of 157,100m2 and a total building area of 473,000m2, this project aims to create a one-stop commerce-residence complex integrating a topic park, fashion general merchandise, a shopping mall, a business street and a chain supermarket, a motion cinema, a fitness center and residence, close to two trunk roads in the west and north, to landscapes in the south, and to urban secondary trunk road in the east. The base is located at the core area of the Waterfront New Town of Kaiyuan, with its excellent geographical conditions, obvious location superiority, and tremendous development potentials.

    Shen Yang-Yurun Real Estate

    Shenyang – Central Park
    The project covers a total building area of around 3,000,000m2. Wherein, there are totally 55 residential buildings covering a building area of 480,000m2 and multiple high-quality building forms like mid-rise buildings, garden houses with elevators, and overlapping villas; and there are diversified comprehensive supporting commercial buildings covering a building area of nearly 2,500,000m2, including the largest single building in China --- a Super Mall covering 900,000m2 and Shenyang Yurun Global Procurement Center of Agricultural and Sideline Products. In addition, on LB1 and LB2 of the residential buildings in the Park, private underground cellars and underground garages are set up for customers, and such planning is unique in Shenyang at present.

    An Shan-Yurun Real Estate

    Anshan – Silver Rain Mansion
    Located at the core position of Dadao Bay in the Anshan Economic Development Zone, the Anshan Xingyu Huafu project will create a residential community covering a building area of a million square meters, and it will be one of the largest projects in China of Xingyu Huafu product line. The whole project will be developed and constructed by multiple stages. Wherein, phase-one project covers a floor space of around 125,000m2 and a total building area of around 240,000m2, and is planned to consist of 45 mid-rise buildings; the whole residential district will execute exclusive property management, and protect the safety of residents’ life and properties through professional property team and various modernized intelligent equipments.

    Wei Hai-Yurun Real Estate

    Weihai – North Bay
    The North Bay in Weihai, Shandong Province, China, is one of the few original bays in north China. In this region, we can see all the elements like blue sea and sky, green mountains and trees, sand beach and islands, as well as the particular pine forest and snow scenery of north China, forming unique natural landscapes. By dint of the natural and pleasant sceneries, Yurun Group has invested RMB3.5 billion to create the unique urban tourism and holiday complex in north China. The project covers a floor space of nearly 500,000m2 and a total building area of more than 700,000m2, and it is planned to consist of 300,000m2 tourism and business complex and 400,000m2 high-end holiday and residence area (including villa, foreign-style houses, and apartments). Without going abroad, you may enjoy the world-class bay scenery.

    Qing Dao-Yurun Real Estate

    Qingdao – Silver Rain Mansion
    Located at the Qingdao High-Tech Zone and the around-bay center belt in the north of Jiaozhou Bay, and covering a total building area of 550,000m2, the Qingdao Xingyu Huafu integrates high-rise residence, garden houses, townhouses, and commerce. Precisely, the project is located at 219 Heyuan Road, Qingdao High-Tech Development Zone, and is about 10min car distance from the Qingdao International Airport and 30min car distance from the Qingdao Port and City Center. In the Zone, multiple modes of transportation are linked up organically, including national highways, expressways, railways (being planned), and metro and light rail (being planned), so the traffic here is convenient and fast. This Zone is the only existing “treasure place” suitable for the development of high-tech industry and the construction of new urban areas in Qingdao and its surrounding areas.

    Huai An-Yurun Real Estate

    Huai’an – Silver Rain Mansion
    Located at the intersection of Meigao Road and Cheng’en Road in the ecological new urban area of Huai’an, the project covers a floor space of 2,045,446,000m2 and a total building area of 614,000m2, including an underground building area of 120,210,800m2; this project has a total of 3,375 residences covering 441,368.77㎡ and 3,690 parking spaces for motor vehicles. It is a high-quality building project consisting of 21 high-rise residential buildings and 14 villas.

    Chang Zhou-Yurun Real Estate

    Changzhou – Yurun City
    Covering a total floor space of 170,000m2 and a total building area of 1,280,000m2, Yurun City is a topic urban complex created by the Yurun Group with utmost effort and integrating a high-end business center, a famous-brand commercial center, a habitable life center, and an experience and entertainment center. After being completed, the project will consist of high-end general merchandise (Central Emporium), a shopping center, a topic block, a SOHO apartment, a grade-A office building, a five-star hotel, a service apartment, high-end residence, and a habitable community, and a tower of nearly 200m in height will become the landmark building in the Zhonglou District.

    Nan Tong-Yurun Real Estate

    Nantong – Silver Rain Mansion
    The project covers a total building area of 190,000m2, and enjoys convenient traffic conditions, since it is located in the south of Middle Binhe Road of Hai’an County, neighbor to Xinhua River in the south, and around 800m away from the urban trunk road Middle Zhongba Road in the west. Surrounding the project, there are developed traffic conditions, many business circles, and complete supporting facilities, including the neighboring Jiangsu Hai’an Senior High School, the Taifu Fashion Shopping Center, and the Golden Eagle International Shopping Center in the west.

    Chang Xing-Yurun Real Estate

    Changxing – Yurun International Plaza
    The Changxing Project is located at the intersection of North Mingzhu Road and Development Avenue in Changxing Economic Development Zone, Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. This project covers a total floor space of 177,000m2 (south land parcel: 71,058m2; north land parcel: 105,940.2m2), and has a FAR and building density of 2.10 and 60% in the south land parcel, and of 1.77 and 33.98% in the north land parcel respectively. At present, for the project, the land has been obtained, and the third version of conceptual planning has been provided. The building forms planned for the project include an ultra-high-rise office building/ hotel, a commercial shopping center, a high-rise residence, garden houses, townhouses, semi-detached houses, a business block, and a club.

    Zhu Ji-Yurun Real Estate

    Zhuji – Silver Rain Mansion
    Zhuji Silver Rain Mansion is located at the central parcel of Chengxi Development Zone, and has a gathering of commercial enterprises in surrounding areas. Covering a floor space of 50,000m2 and a total building area of 120,000m2, the project will develop lofty residences at the local place of Zhuji according to high quality property standards.
    Zhuji – Yurun International Plaza
    The Zhuji Yurun International Plaza, located at Chengxi Development Zone, covering a floor space of 80,000m2 and total building area of 350,000m2, will be constructed into an urban complex integrating the Central Emporium, an exquisite supermarket, a cinema, an entertainment plaza, children education, video game experience, KTV, retail, and restaurant, and will be equipped with a solid parking building, exquisite apartments, and a grade-5A office building.

    Xu Zhou-Yurun Real Estate

    Xuzhou – Yurun City
    Xuzhou – Yurun City, as a key municipal project of Xuzhou, will be the traffic hub and a station of Metro Lines 1 and 2 in the future. Located at the core section of Xuzhou Central Business Circle, the project is neighbor to Pengcheng Road in the east, close to South Zhongshan Road in the west, extending to Qingnian Road in the south, and is connected with Huaihai Road in the north. Covering a planned floor space of 42,8000m2 and a total building area of around 520,000m2, and with a total building height of 259m, this project is a high-end urban complex integrating a high-grade shopping center, a five-star hotel, a grade-A office building, and q service apartment.

    Yang Zhou-Yurun Real Estate

    Yangzhou – Yurun Real Estate
    The Yurun Real Estate constructed on the Yangzhou 825# land parcel covers a floor space of 180 mu and a planned building area of 230,000m2. Located at the core land section of Yangzhou, close to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and with leading planning and excellent quality, the project will become a symbolic high-quality habitable landmark at the outbound of Yangzhou, and guide the new fashion of habitat in Yangzhou.

    Nan Jing-Yurun Real Estate

    Nanjing – Yurun International Plaza
    Nanjing Yurun International Plaza is located at the core section of Olympic CBD, joins Mengdu Street and Middle Jiangdong Road, and stands majestically at Hexi New Town.

    Jiu Hua Shan-Yurun Real Estate

    Jiuhuashan – Yuesongge
    The architectural style of Southern Anhui Province is adopted for the overall design of the project. Meanwhile, the project is designed by dint of the natural landscapes and profound Buddhist cultural resources of Jiuhua Mountain, and contains the best ambit of five-element geomantic omen. Domestic and international top-ranking design companies are invited to design the planning, architecture, decoration and landscapes, and, in particular, the American WILSON ASSOCIATES/INTERIOR ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN COMPANY specializing in the design of international high-end projects, is invited to design the hotel’s decorations. The world unique seven-star hotel Burj Al-Arab Hotel is just a representative work of WILSON.

    Huang Shan-Yurun Real Estate

    Huangshan Yurun – Water Vision
    The five-star finely decorated holiday apartment project Huangshan Yurun – Water Vision is located at the centre of the Huangshan Yurun International Tourism and Holiday Resort covering 8,000mu land in Tunxi District, Huangshan, Anhui Province, and is seated at the core area of Great Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area. In the holiday resort, there is the largest international standard 54-hole golf course in Eastern China (Rainbow Valley, Jade Valley, and the being planned Lotus Valley). The project is just located between the 10# hole and 18# hole of the Jade Valley Court. In the surrounding original ecological greens, the forest coverage ratio is up to 56%, and there are more than 1,200mu wetlands and more than 360,000 pines. Here, we may enjoy the fresh air in the holiday resort at any time.

    Da Ye-Yurun Real Estate

    Daye – Yurun International Plaza
    Daye Yurun International Plaza project needs a total investment of up to RMB1.0 billion and covers a total building area of nearly 300,000m2. After its completion, it will become a large urban complex integrating a five-star hotel, a high-grade department store, an international digital cinema, a characteristic commercial block, retail shops, a cultural center plaza and lofty residences.

    Tong Ling-Yurun Real Estate

    Tongling – Silver Rain Mansion
    Covering a floor space of around 80,000m2 and a total building area of around 300,000m2, the project consists of 17 high-rise buildings and a total of 1,730 households are planned, wherein 14 buildings with 1,223 commercial houses available for sale, 1,426 underground parking spaces and 141 on-ground parking spaces, with a parking space proportion of up to 1:1. Commerce along the street is planned on the ground floor of the residences along Baiyun Road. The project has a green ratio of more than 50%.

    An Qing-Yurun Real Estate

    Anqing – Yurun Central New City
    Located at the core position of the new town in the east of Anqing, Yurun Central New City integrates villas, garden housed, a business center, and a high-grade office building. The project covers a total floor space of 186,000m2 and a total building area of 420,000m2. In the residential area, the FAR is only 1.91, and the building density is even as low as 28.6%. With an ultra-low residence density, an ultra-comfortable habitat environment, strict division of people and vehicles, the application of modern latest building process and leading intelligent residence technology, spacious, bright and concise elevation shape, and well-proportioned ecological landscapes, the project heightened here is a more natural, more amiable and more habitable life style.

    Ru Zhou-Yurun Real Estate

    Ruzhou – Central Park
    Covering a floor space of around 400mu and a total building area of 800,000m2, and requiring a total investment of RMB3 billion, the Ruzhou Yurun International Plaza project is a large urban commercial complex integrating multiple functions, such as shopping, entertainment, restaurant, and office. After being completed and reaching the target output, the project will realize an annual sale of over RMB2.0 billion and taxes of more than RMB100 million, and will, in the meanwhile, offer employment to 5,000 persons and develop related industries in the locality.

    Xi An-Yurun Real Estate

    Xi’an – Silver Rain Mansion
    The Xi’an Xingyu Huafu project is located at the east side of the Chang’an University Weishui Campus in Weiyang District, Xi’an City, and is inside the Emerging Economic Zone in Chengbei New Town of Xi’an City. In the north of the project are just the logistics center and large business complex being developed by the Yurun Group; and in its west is the residential area for the teaching staff of the new campus of Chang’an University. The project is only 10km away from the city center, and only 10min car distance from Xi’an North Passenger Station. Also, one can reach the Xianyang International Airport quickly through the Airport Expressway in the east, and Metro Line 4 is planned to pass through the project, so the traffic here is very convenient. Covering a total floor space of around 285mu and a total building area of around 560,000m2, the project consists of 20 high-rise residential buildings for nearly 3,900 households, and it is a residential and leisure community integrating noble residence, characteristic commerce, sports and leisure.
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